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Fallout 4 mod adds traits and perks inspired by older games

by Ron Duwell | January 25, 2016January 25, 2016 11:40 am PDT

Fallout fans who have called out Fallout 4 for being more of an open-world shooter and less of a “Fallout RPG” should check out this mod. It doesn’t add better dialogue or interesting characters, but one area it covers from the old games that Fallout 4 does not is traits.

Cirosan’s Traits and More mods describe the mod as being heavily inspired by the series’ favorite originals.

This mod adds a number of new Traits and a few new Perks into the game. Because the standard perk menu (the Vault Boy chart) precludes adding new perks/traits directly, these new perks and traits are obtained by constructing a special item at a Chemistry Station (under the Utility section), then using that item on your character to add the perk.

Many Traits/Perks are directly inspired by previous Fallout titles, but quite a few are original creations. Also included are items that remove all perks and remove all traits, so if you want to re-spec your character build or want to uninstall the mod, it’s only a few clicks away.

Players will have to make the traits through the Chemistry Stations in Fallout 4 because of script limitations. You can download it now at NexusMods.

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