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A trio of new Shenmue III screenshots show off lighting and setting

by Ron Duwell | January 21, 2016January 21, 2016 12:40 pm PDT

Fans are so eager to see more of Shenmue III that they’ll latch onto absolutely every leaked screenshot and bit of footage for a closer look into Director Yu Suzuki’s latest world.

Three more images have slipped from the MAGIC expo in Monaco showing off our characters Ryo and Shenhua in the latest rendition of the game’s mountain setting. Development is still pressing on, and plenty of detail and depth have been added to the graphics since the first time we saw it. We don’t know the context of these images being shown off either, but we can also assume that development studio Ys Net wanted to show off its new lightning engine as well.

One final screenshot shows off a new mountain lake area without the characters.

Shenmue III was crowd-funded on Kickstarter last year to the tune of $6.3 million dollars. Even though the campaign didn’t pull in the $10 million that Suzuki was hoping for, he seems to be sinking all the funds in the right places so far. I’m a fan of what I see, and I can’t wait for a new official trailer.

Shenmue III will launch for the PC and PlayStation 4 by Dec. 2017.


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