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Is a Lumia Phone X coming soon? Microsoft slip-up suggests yes

by Todd Haselton | January 21, 2016January 21, 2016 1:31 pm PDT

Bizarre, very bizarre indeed. While there are rumors that Microsoft is actually going to stop using the “Lumia” brand name soon, a new video published in China may have accidentally tipped off yet another flagship Lumia device. PhoneArena recently stumbled upon a video clip that walks users through the pros of using the Windows 10 for phones “Continuum feature.”

Below the video however, was a reference to the Lumia Phone X inside a block of text explaining the contents of said video. Here’s a look:


Of course, that phone doesn’t exist… yet. It might not ever exist, too, since Microsoft pulled the reference from the video’s description. It’s possible this was filler text or an accidental leak of a new smartphone that hasn’t been announced yet. Or maybe it’s even the Surface Phone?

We kind of think it’s the former, at least given that Microsoft is reportedly putting its efforts into something like a “Microsoft Surface Phone” for 2016, instead of a new flagship Lumia. The only Lumia that we’re aware of on the horizon is the rumored Lumia 650.

Who knows – check it out for yourself and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Todd Haselton

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