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The Punisher to get his own Netflix show

by Brandon Russell | January 16, 2016January 16, 2016 12:00 pm PDT

It seems Netflix is so enthusiastic about Jon Bernthal’s portrayal as The Punisher that the character is going to get his own spinoff.

TVLine reports Marvel is close to a deal that would see the studio develop a show dedicated to the character, who will make his long-awaited debut in Daredevil season 2 on March 18. We’ve seen early glimmers of the character so far, but it sounds like we’ll see much, much more of him in the coming months.

For Marvel fans, a Punisher show would further round out Netflix’s impressive lineup of properties based on comic book characters. Along with a second season of Daredevil, we’re also expecting a Luke Cage show, and there’s still reportedly an Iron Fist series in the works. Down the road, the plan is to converge these characters into The Defenders, a team-up show not unlike the Avengers movies we see on the big screen.

How The Punisher’s show will affect Marvel’s roadmap is unclear. Does this mean we won’t get a second season of Jessica Jones right away? And how will a Punisher show be handled? Will it pick up after the events of the second season of Daredevil, or will it occur before? Lots of different variables, and so few details.

Neither Netflix or Marvel commented on the rumor, but if something is in development for the future, we’ll be sure to hit you with the official announcement.


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