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Galaxy S7 may steal a new feature from the iPhone 6s

by Jacob Kleinman | January 14, 2016January 14, 2016 11:45 am PDT

We’ve already heard rumors that the Galaxy S7 could copy 3D Touch, Apple’s pressure-sensitive phone display. Now a new report claims Samsung might steal another new feature from the iPhone 6s for its upcoming flagship phone.

Android Geeks reports that the Galaxy S7 will offer its own version of Live Photos, citing an anonymous insider. The new feature is apparently still in development, and may not be available until after the phone’s already launched. The final name is also up for debate, though Vivid Photo and Timeless Photo are both being considered.

Just like Live Photos, Samsung’s feature would record an extremely short video when you snap a shot with the camera. But unlike Apple’s version, the Galaxy S7 won’t record sound, so each file should take up less space. That also means they can be saved directly as GIFs, making it a lot easier to share your moving photos on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Samsung already offers a camera option that lets you save GIFs, though, so we know that portion won’t exactly be new.

Of course, Apple didn’t invent the idea of short moving images. HTC offered a similar feature of its own called Zoe starting with the One (M7), and Windows Phone has long offered a similar feature. Whether Samsung jumps onboard as well remains to be seen.

Android Geeks

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