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Steam’s Winter Sale pulls in twice as much as the Summer Sale

by Ron Duwell | January 12, 2016January 12, 2016 2:30 pm PDT

So you’re tired of Steam Sales? The wallet is feeling lighter as you are feeling more “fatigued,” or whatever buzzwords we are using these days. Well, in that case, maybe you should stop participating in them!

Online tool Steam Spy has dug out the figures on this past season’s holiday sale and determined that it doubled what the Steam Summer Sale made. Of course, this accounts for the holiday blockbusters that had just been released over the previous months, but $270 million and 46 million copies is not a figure to turn down.

Fallout 4 closed out the Steam Sale as the biggest money maker, making just shy of $14 million. It was followed by Grand Theft Auto V at $11 million and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at $6.8 million. Check out the full list of the sales biggest moneymakers below.

Steam Winter Sale

Aww… no representation from the Ys games, but it seems like the list we were all expecting. I’m wondering if Fallout 4 has the legs to get into the 30 millions of sales like Grand Theft Auto V did. Steam Spy also recently reported that Steam made roughly $3.5 billion in total for 2015.


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