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Check it out: VW’s new Microbus concept is nostalgia on wheels

by Brandon Russell | January 8, 2016January 8, 2016 9:00 am PDT

It isn’t unusual to see new car concepts sitting on the CES show floor, but it’s still odd seeing VW revive it’s famous bus. As expected, Volkswagen this week unveiled a new Microbus concept, called Budd-e, complete with an all-new platform called Modular Electric Platform (MEB) that’s specifically designed for plug-in vehicles.

If all goes according to plan, VW’s EV could get users more than 200 miles per charge, which surpasses the so-called “fear threshold” where consumers no longer get anxiety about range.

While VW unveiled the concept earlier this week, we found it sitting at the automaker’s booth here in Vegas, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap photos of it. It isn’t the ugliest concept we’ve ever seen, and seems like a natural evolution of the company’s famous bus design.

We didn’t get a chance to sit inside of the concept, though we can tell you that it features a “complete digitization” of the instrument cluster and infotainment center. There’s a single large screen that spans the dashboard, which can be completely configured to the driver’s taste. VW is also taking advantage of a gesture-based system so driver’s and passengers aren’t tapping and swiping around like maniacs when the vehicle is in motion.

Following VW’s diesel fiasco, what better way to get back into the public’s good graces than with a vehicle that continues to represent peace, love and happiness?

Right now, Budd-e is simply VW showing interest in potential technologies that could feature in its cars down the road. There’s no real commitment to seeing its new Microbus concept through to production, but what if?

Living in California near the beach, I could already imagine seeing these perched along the coast.

Brandon Russell

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