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This light-up Bluetooth speaker changes colors like a chameleon (hands-on)

by Jacob Kleinman | January 8, 2016January 8, 2016 9:00 am PDT

Looking for a Bluetooth speaker that does more than just play music? Harman Kardon has your back with the JBL Pulse 2, a splash-proof music box with a built-in light show that can adapt to match the colors around you.

To activate the Pulse 2’s chameleon effect hold the camera up to any surface and in a few seconds the lights will match. It worked with an orange table, and even against my plaid blue shirt. This $200 wireless speaker also offers an impressive 10-hour battery and stereo sound. You can even sync up multiple speakers together using the its JBL Connect feature. On that note, here’s a quick look at everything else the company had to show off this year at CES.

Harman had plenty of other JBL-branded Bluetooth speakers to show off, ranging from boombox sized models to the palm-sized Clip 2. Despite its tiny size you still get eight hours of battery life, a water-proof rating and a built-in aux cable all housed in a rugged design. It comes in a variety of colors and costs $60.

The company also announced the Charge 3 with 15 hours of battery life and a built-in bass radiator for an even bigger sound. It features a similar rugged design and comes in lots of different colors for $150 each. Both Bluetooth speakers are set to launch this spring.

We also got to check out some cool new headphones. JBL’s Everest series features new noise cancellation technology that makes it possible to control each ear separately. Small buttons on the left and right speaker let you switch noise cancellation on or off, so you can decide exactly how much of the real world you want to block out. The company’s offering over-ear and on-ear models, along with a wireless earbud option.

Finally, Harman is teaming up with Under Armour for a new series of Bluetooth earbuds. They feature a special Twistlock design so theywon’t fall our of your ears if you’re active. The UA Headphones Wireless cost $180 and offer an eight-hour battery life. There’s also the UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate, which are capable of measuring your heart rate and cost $200. Both are available for pre-order now now, though the biometric earbuds won’t actually ship until late spring 2016.

Jacob Kleinman

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