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Microsoft said to be planning its own SIM card for Windows 10 phones

Microsoft Lumia 950-15

Microsoft is said to be developing its own SIM card for Windows 10 smartphones that will allow users to purchase data without a long-term contract. A companion app has already been published to the Windows Store, but Microsoft is yet to make it official.

Microsoft’s SIM is thought to be similar to Apple SIM for iPad, giving users the ability to purchase data plans through the Windows Store as and when they need it. Without being tied into contracts, users only pay for the data they require, and they’re free to switch carriers whenever they want.

The Microsoft SIM was revealed by a “Cellular Data” app that was prematurely published to the Windows Store. We’re yet to hear anything from Microsoft, and the app has since been pulled — but we expect it to reappear again relatively soon.

“Depending on availability, Microsoft could be planning to create its own mobile virtual networks to allow Windows 10 users to connect to partner carriers,” suggests The Verge. It’s not yet clear where this service will be offered, but it’s likely to be a U.S. exclusive at launch.

This Microsoft SIM could give Windows 10 Mobiles a big advantage over rival smartphones, which are typically bought on contracts you can’t back out of, with hefty data charges. It could be particularly useful for travelers who need data while they’re abroad.

We’ll bring you more just as soon as Microsoft makes its new SIM and service official.

The Verge

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