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Fallout 4 done up in cel shading looks awesome

by Joey Davidson | January 8, 2016January 8, 2016 12:22 pm PDT

Borderlands 3? No. Fallout 4. One gamer has used some tools to gussy up his or her Wasteland experience, and it looks fantastic.

Redditor Reddit_is_wrong (amazing name, by the way) posted the two screenshots you see above to the Gaming subreddit. Of course, users immediately started asking for the Nexus link. The poster then explained it isn’t a game-specific mod, per se. Here we go:

Its not actually a Nexus mod, its a SweetFX/Reshade ENB injector file which can be used for almost all games. I started off with a SweetFX preset for Fallout 4 and then tweaked the .ini file to turn on the “cartoon” cell shader. You can customize the .ini file to your liking, how strong the border is…etc. [sic]

The user also wrote up a post linking to exactly what files and settings were used. You can find that here.

Folks in the original thread were talking about how they’d have rather seen this look for Fallout 4 than the one the game shipped with. I’m tempted to get it running on my computer to see how good or bad it really is.


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