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Is Sony teasing a new Ape Escape for the Year of the Monkey?

by Ron Duwell | January 7, 2016January 7, 2016 6:00 am PST

If you buy into ideas like astrology or the Chinese Zodiac, you would know that this year is the Year of the Monkey. It’s a shame that the video game industry doesn’t exactly have that many monkey mascots to turn to for a few inside laughs.

Oh wait, that’s right! Sony does! You could be forgiven for forgetting about Ape Escape as it’s been over a decade since we’ve seen a proper game in the series, but Sony is throwing this little teaser out there as a joke just to remind you that it exists.

Or is there more to it than that? In the Twitter post, the translation reads ““2016 Year of the Monkey. Today, SCE will begin working!” Begin working on what?! A new Ape Escape game? Well, sure! I don’t see why not!

The series has popped up recently in other places as well, most noticeably in Sony’s PlayStation 2 emulation on the PlayStation 4. Both Ape Escape 2 and Ape Escape 3 have had their ratings leaked and have popped up in hype reels, meaning we’ll be playing them on the PlayStation 4 not too far off in the future.

But how about it? Would you like an Ape Escape 4 for the PlayStation 4? I certainly would just as long as it is more tolerable than Knack. Maybe Sony learned how to tap into the old 90s charm after that horrific bungle.


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