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Captain America: Civil War—Giant Ant-Man spoiler leaks

by Brandon Russell | January 6, 2016January 6, 2016 12:00 pm PDT

Movie merchandise sometimes accidentally spoils the films they’re meant to market. Check out this Aquaman toy, for example. It also happened in the run up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And while not every toy is 100-percent accurate, they do give us an early idea of what to expect from a film even before that movie is out. Case in point: this Funko Pop toy for Captain America: Civil War, which spoils one character’s ability to, um, grow.

Although this isn’t a huge spoiler, proceed at your own peril.

There have already been early indications that Ant-Man wouldn’t just get smaller in Civil War, but bigger, too. And, wouldn’t you know, Funko Pop’s new Ant-Man toy seemingly confirms that the character will at some point turn into Giant Man. According to an earlier leaked LEGO set, we’ll likely see Giant Man appear onscreen during a crucial battle at a German airport, though there’s a chance we could see him at other points in the film as well.

When Scott Lang does grow to the larger size, he should also have the strength to match, which means we should see some really terrific fight scenes in Civil War. That’ll be good, too, seeing as neither Thor or Hulk are expected to appear in the film.

Ant-Man director Peyton Reed previously hinted that we might see Giant Man in the future, though it wasn’t clear whether that meant Civil War or Ant-Man and the Wasp. Thanks to the Funko Pop toy, though, it looks like we’ll see him as early this May when Civil War hits theaters.

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