I know we are all looking forward to 2016 coming to an end. It’s been a rough year on all fronts, and that silver ball in Times Square can’t come down fast enough. I predict people scaling the buildings just to push it down even faster!

Plenty of video games were delayed out of 2016 and into 2017 as well, and many of these delays were met with patience from gamers who were happy they’d be playing with a game that actually worked at launch. However, being launched into 2017 also comes with the benefit of not having to be tied to the reputation of 2016. Nobody will sigh with bad memories when they fire up these games in the future.

Sorry, Final Fantasy XV. You just couldn’t wait another year, could you?

At any rate, these are the biggest games we’re looking forward to that were pushed into 2017.

Gravity Rush 2 – Jan. 18, 2017

Sony’s high-flying action game was scheduled to be released on Dec. 2, but its delay pushed it into this coming January. Just a month and a half of waiting isn’t all that bad, especially when you consider the inconvenience of the original release date.

Launching just four days after Final Fantasy XV isn’t going to make anybody happy, especially those Sony fans that overlap with the Square Enix crew. The hottest JRPG in years being released a few days before the most exciting Japanese action series around? No thanks. Delay that, please!

Horizon Zero Dawn – Feb. 28, 2017

Robot Dinosaurs of the Apocolypse, because that’s a much better title than this silly nonsense, was originally supposed to be a highlight of Sony’s 2016 holiday line-up. However, a delay pushed it into February, and my guess is because developer Guerilla Games wants to make sure it works as well as possible on the PlayStation 4 Pro when it launches.

Plus, few hijinks in developing for an open world are also bound to pop up here and there. The delay should be enough to catch most of them.

Mass Effect Andromeda – Q1/Q2 2017

I find it hard to believe that EA even had Mass Effect Andromeda originally scheduled for a holiday release of 2016. I mean, we didn’t even start to see new screenshots or gameplay footage of it until November! Of course, it’s not coming out in 2016!

Nope, and we still don’t know a date for our next journey through BioWare’s sci-fi universe. Wherever the stars take us this time though, I’ll be sure to be there.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Q1/Q2 2017

South Park: The Stick of Truth was always going to be a difficult game to follow up on. A licensed video game becoming a critical hit is always a rare thing, and you can bet the developers, an entirely different studio by the way, are doing everything they can to replicate the success. Making an RPG look like an actual cartoon… never easy.

It’s going to take much longer than expected, hence the delay we have.

Cuphead – Q2/Q3 2017

2016 came and went, and we’re still not playing Cuphead. Oh, the tragedy This indie shooter’s development has been in the spotlight for years now, and it seems that the ambition of its developers got a lot larger. New levels, enemies, bosses, and mechanics have made their way into each passing demo over the years, giving a perfectly logical explanation for why this is taking so long.

Just don’t take too long, or we’ll first be playing this game about 1930s animation in the 2030s!

Cosmic Star Heroine – TBA 2017

I thought we’d be playing this indie JRPG by now, considering it was scheduled for release in the summer before being pushed into the Winter, but unless a New Years miracle happens, Zeboyd’s long-time-coming Cosmic Star Heroine won’t be ours until an unannounced date in 2017.

The studio earned a reputation for quickly developing retro JRPGs, but my guess is the ambition behind this exciting title got too big. Either way, I still can’t wait to play it, and neither can its thousands of backers.