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Valkyria Chronicles Remaster debut trailer – SEGA fans were good this year!

by Ron Duwell | December 28, 2015December 28, 2015 12:30 pm PDT

SEGA fans got a whole lot more than coal this year. Santa must have been paying attention to their extreme levels of nice patience. On a fine Christmas morning, the folks at SEGA delivered the first trailer for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, the PlayStation 4 port of the beloved strategy cult-classic.

I can’t think of many games from the previous generation that deserve a remaster more than this. Maybe Mass Effect 2… but not really.  If the gorgeous anime style on the PlayStation 3 wasn’t already impressive enough, I can’t wait to see how SEGA trumps itself once again.

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster will be released on the PlayStation 4 in Japan on Feb. 10. More importantly, though, it will also have a demo for the upcoming reboot, side-series thing Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the one with the fantastic graphic engine and the horribly designed protagonists.

No word on a Western release, but we can cross our fingers, right? SEGA fans around the world were very good this year, not just in Japan.


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