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Google Glass: Enterprise Edition photos surface

by Brandon Russell | December 28, 2015December 28, 2015 1:08 pm PST

Google might be gearing up to release another version of Glass, but instead of making it a mass consumer device, it looks like the search giant has its sights on big business. Google Glass: Enterprise Edition has popped up at the FCC, complete with images, a foldable design, and even some upgraded specs.

Is this what the future holds for Glass? It sure looks that way—and yet Google still has yet to acknowledge what’s in store for the wearable’s future. It’s also possible this is a prototype meant for early testing.

Aside from the updated internals—including 5GHz Wi-Fi support—the device features a larger prism and hinge, which makes the new Glass more compact when not in use. 9to5Google claims the new iteration sports an Intel Atom processor and improved battery life, improvements you’d expect from a second generation device.

For now, it only appears as though devices will be distributed through the Glass for Work program, allowing partners to integrate their own software with the wearable. Whether Glass is actually conducive to the everyday workplace is up for debate.

You’ll still look odd wearing one, though it’s clear Google is honing its Glass skills with a more refined new model.

FCC 9to5Google

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