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Kickstart this 360-degree projection display

by Jacob Kleinman | December 27, 2015December 27, 2015 1:00 pm PDT

It’s never been easier to create 360-degree photos and videos. You can do it with an off-the-shelf camera or even on your smartphone. Looking back at what you recorded is still a little more complicated, but the 360Mini wants to make it as easy as watching TV.

The 360Mini doesn’t look like much from the outside. It’s just a small white column with a black base and a few plugs. But on the inside you’ll find a full PC and a special projector capable of creating 360-degree images and videos.

The company calls its product a projector, but that’s a little misleading. You can’t plunk this device down in the middle of your bedroom and turn the walls into a beautiful continuos display. Instead its more like a round TV.

It’s not a totally original idea either. It’s possible you’ve already seen something similar in a museum, but the goal here is to make the technology accessible to everyone. It’s easy to use and fits in most rooms. The sleek modern design also looks pretty nice even when it’s turned off.

The 360Mini connects to your Internet, making it possible to control the action using a phone or tablet over Wi-Fi. You can also store 360-degree videos and photos on the built-in computer or upload them by plugging in a USB drive.

This gadget won’t come cheap. The early bird special costs almost $1,000 and won’t ship until July 2016 (assuming delays don’t push the release back even farther). It might be worth holding off a few years until the technology becomes more common and a lot less expensive, but if you’re not willing to wait you can head over to Kickstarter now to back the 360Mini.


Jacob Kleinman

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