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Faraday Future shares video teasing autonomous vehicle plans

by Brandon Russell | December 26, 2015December 26, 2015 9:00 am PDT


Faraday Future, a mysterious electric car startup based out of California, shared a new video this week that imagines an auto utopia, a future in which cars have “interesting lives,” and show up to your house on-demand like a taxi.

The video is more of a daydream about what the future could look like, and not necessarily an oracular prognosis. Still, if Faraday Future can get anywhere close to what the video projects, the auto industry could be disrupted in a huge way.

“If we could let ourselves forget everything we know about cars, would we invent the same car industry we have today,” the video’s narrator asks. “What would happen if we just started clean? Make a car that says more about our hopes than our frustrations.”

Faraday Future doesn’t really provide any examples of how it hopes to achieve this paradise, simply enticing viewers to get excited about what it’s supposedly working on. What we do know about the automaker is that its cars will be electric and autonomous—things we already get from companies like Tesla.

“What if you didn’t so much own a car, as use one whenever you needed?” the video asks.

The company has expressed interest in exploring alternative ownership models, though it’s unclear what Faraday Future will offer when (if?) its fleet of cars are introduced. We could see a concept unveiled at CES in January, along with more details about production over the next few years.

“We believe the next generation of us requires a new generation of car,” the video says. “So much of the future depends on how we get there. Come with us.”


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