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Leaked Xiaomi Mi5 photo gets up close and personal

by Jacob Kleinman | December 24, 2015December 24, 2015 10:00 am PDT

Xiaomi’s Mi5 may be one of the most anticipated phones of 2016. The company recently said it won’t be rushing to release the device, but a leaked photo suggests the Mi5 could be ready to go.

The alleged picture was shared on Weibo, though it’s since been deleted. It shows the front panel of an assembled Mi5, highlighting the physical home button which is expected to pack a built-in fingerprint reader. You can also see a metal frame around the edges of the device, a pair of bottom-facing speakers and what looks like a USB-C charging port.

The same tipster also offered up a few new Xiaomi patents, allegedly detailing some of the phone’s top features. The documents appear to confirm the inclusion of a fingerprint reader. They also hint at a pressure sensitive display similar to Apple’s 3D Touch technology.

The Mi5 is shaping up to be a pretty sweet device, though we’re still not expecting Xiaomi to offer the device outside of China and a few other countries. Even so, we can’t wait to see what this upstart phone-maker comes up with.

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