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LG webOS 3.0 sounds like the most advanced TV software ever

by Todd Haselton | December 22, 2015December 22, 2015 1:00 pm PDT


LG said recently that it will unveil webOS 3.0 during CES 2016, when it plans to show the world the latest advancements it has made with the operating system. webOS, was once reserved for smartphones but now powers some of LG’s most feature-rich TVs on the market.

webOS will introduce three new advancements to the company’s “magic” features, LG said, noting options such as Magic Zoom, Magic Remote and Magic Mobile Connection. Magic Zoom performs as it sounds, allowing users to zoom into specific areas of the TV’s display. Magic Remote features set-top box buttons. Magic Mobile Connection sounds particularly interesting, however, and will allow users to “connect a mobile phone to their LG Smart TV via the LG TV Plus App on their mobile device to access mobile apps on the TV screen.” It’s likely a little more advanced than simply mirroring a smartphone’s display, so we’ll be looking to try that out during CES.

A new Music Player application will allow the end-user to take advantage of a TV’s speakers for music playback when the TV is off, which sounds compelling, while a built-in IoTV application should allow folks to keep track of their connected appliances. Imagine getting notifications that your laundry is finished right on the TV. Another feature, multi-view, will allow you to watch more than one channel at once, or TV and a Blu-ray disc, LG said, though it’s unclear if this is a picture-in-picture function or something entirely different.

Sounds like LG is bringing some big news to CES this year, particularly on the TV front. LG’s webOS has impressed us in the past and it looks like it will continue to do so.


Todd Haselton

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