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Kim Kardashian’s KIMOJI is now the top paid iPhone app – Why did I buy it?

by Todd Haselton | December 22, 2015December 22, 2015 12:04 pm PST

Kim Kardashian recently released a set of emoji to the iTunes app store. They’re available through an app called “KIMOJI” and, within 24 hours, the app has successfully climbed to the top of the iTunes App Store.

There were some reports that Kim Kardashian’s KIMOJI application actually¬†crashed the app store, following a Tweet from Kardashian, though¬†BuzzFeed confirmed with Apple that the statement wasn’t true. It is shocking, however, that the application has gained so much popularity, despite its terrible two-star rating and $1.99 price tag and limited set of features. It’s now ahead of Minecraft, Heads Up! and Cut the Rope, three popular games.

I did what I felt was my duty and downloaded KIMOJI to see what the hype was about. There are 18 total KIMOJI, ranging from a picture of her face, a few of her body, and other emoji like chocolate-covered strawberries, a doughnut and a pair of lips. There’s room for more down the road, which I assume will be launched as in-app content.

The app acts as a separate keyboard that you need to activate in the Settings menu. After you’ve done so, simply hold the globe icon on your keyboard, pull up the KIMOJI keyboard, and select the KIMOJI you want to send.

I know she’s popular, but I already want a refund.

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