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Google taps Ford to make self-driving cars

by Jacob Kleinman | December 22, 2015December 22, 2015 8:00 am PDT

Google and Ford are teaming up to make self-driving carsYahoo Autos reports. According to several anonymous sources, Ford is set to announce the news during the Consumer Electronics Show next month.

The deal is apparently non-exclusive, and Google may already be in talks with several other carmakers. The new venture would also exist separately from Ford, protecting the company from liability in the case of car crashes and other issues.

For Google, the new partnership will give it access to a complex auto manufacturing system without requiring the company to spend the time and money to develop its own. Ford also gets a big boost in self-driving car development. Google already has 53 vehicles on the road, giving it an advantage over the traditional auto industry in this new field.

Neither company would confirm the news to Yahoo, but there’s already a pretty strong connection between the two firms. Several former Ford employees currently work in Google’s self-driving car division. That includes John Krafcik, who spent 14 years with the carmaker and even served as head of truck engineering.

TechnoBuffalo will be covering CES 2016 live from Las Vegas. So if Google and Ford have something to announce, we’ll be there to bring you the news.

Yahoo Autos

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