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Katana Zero is a slick, time-manipulating samurai game from Adult Swim

by Ron Duwell | December 21, 2015December 21, 2015 3:30 pm EST

Indie studio Askiisoft has released a trailer for Katana Zero, a slick little 2D action game that it will be publishing with the aid of Adult Swim Games. It features a rogue samurai in a modern day world, and he has a power to manipulate time alongside his brutal swordsmanship.

Combining these two skills, he can confuse his enemies by speeding behind them and hacking them apart from the rear, or he can deflect enemy bullets back at their source in slow motion.

Askiisoft’s style dips into Hotline Miami territory with maybe a little bit of Gunpoint as well, but more importantly, it looks like a solid little action game in its own right. We’ve seen plenty of excellent 2D action games spring up since the indie revolution, and the other game’s available for free on Askiisoft’s website prove they have a lot of insight into how 2D games work.

“No procedural generation. No backtracking. No metroidvania gimmicks or item collection. Every level is a unique and lovingly designed challenge to overcome.”

No modern day gimmicks to get in the way of solid design, and thank goodness, too. Katana Zero looks like it could have been a classic on the Super Nintendo, so naturally it will be finding a lot of fans once it is released. No word on a platform yet, but I can assume it will be coming to the PC. Hopefully, this winds up on the Vita as well.

Katana Zero

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