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Apple Museum opens in Prague, check out these awesome photos from the collection

by Jacob Kleinman | December 21, 2015December 21, 2015 5:30 pm EST

Apple fans driven to explore the company and its roots can visit headquarters in Cupertino, cruise by the garage where the company first started and, now, visit a private collection of computers at the unofficial Apple Museum in Prague.

The exhibit offers an impressive collection of privately-owned products and memorabilia. That includes various Apple gadgets from throughout the years, often organized chronologically to show the evolution of the Mac, iPhone and iPod over time. It’s all included in the gallery above, courtesy of one museum visitor who shared his photos on Imgur.

There’s also plenty of smaller objects, including Steve Jobs’ business cards from Pixar and NeXT, and various promotional posters of classic ad campaigns. The museum even highlights quotes about Apple and Jobs from former co-workers, industry rivals and even U.S. President Barack Obama.

Beyond the main exhibit, the Apple Museum will open a vegan restaurant in honor of Steve Jobs’ own dietary preferences. It also plans to offer a 3D tour in case you can’t make the trip to Europe. The museum website notes that “Prague is the first city” where you can see this collection for yourself, though it’s unclear if the exhibit will actually travel to any other countries.

Apple Museum Imgur

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