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Microsoft’s latest Android app helps you find its other Android apps

by Killian Bell | December 20, 2015December 20, 2015 1:00 pm PST


Microsoft now offers so many apps for Android that the company needs a new Android app to help users find them all. It’s called Microsoft Apps, and it makes it easy to find things like Xbox One SmartGlass, OneDrive, Bing Search, and the Office suite.

It’s actually pretty easy to find these things already with a quick Play Store search, but just in case you were struggling, Microsoft Apps can help. But its main purpose is to highlight these apps for Android users who don’t already know that they exist.

If you’re a Microsoft fan — particularly one who has migrated from Windows Phone — you might not be aware that many of the apps and services you’re already used to are also available on Google’s platform.

Microsoft Apps contains all of the apps you would expect to see — like those mentioned above — as well as apps Microsoft has acquired over the years, such as Sunrise (which is actually being closed down soon) and Echo Lockscreen.

If you’re interested in checking these out, and seeing all the other titles Microsoft offers for Android, you can download Microsoft Apps now by following the source link below.

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