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Jony Ive reveals secret design studio on this week’s “60 Minutes”

by Jacob Kleinman | December 18, 2015December 18, 2015 7:00 am PDT

Apple headquarters is a pretty secretive place, and inside the Cupertino offices Jony Ive‘s design studio is an even greater mystery. But this Sunday we’ll get a first look at the place where new iPhones are born courtesy of 60 Minutes.

The upcoming episode, in which Ive will bring Charlie Rose and his cameras inside the “secret design studio,” was recently teased on Twitter. In one post, the 60 Minutes account shows the two men mid-tour while standing in front of what appears to be a mill. A second tweet reveals that Apple’s retail chief Angela Ahrendts will also offer Rose a look at the Apple Store of the future in the same episode.

Rose has interviewed Apple executives before, including Ive back in 2013 and CEO Tim Cook in 2014. However, this is the first time we’ll get to see the studio where Apple designs its new products. A magazine profile of Ive published earlier this year offered some details on what happens in the secret lab, but this Sunday will be the closest most of us ever get to actually being there.

We’re also excited to see what Angela Ahrendts has to say. The former Burberry CEO hasn’t made many public appearances since joining Apple last year, but clearly she’s been hard at work designing a new retail experience.

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