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Netflix socks will pause your show when you fall asleep

by Brandon Russell | December 17, 2015December 17, 2015 2:00 pm PDT

Don’t know what gift to get uncle Allen for Christmas? You could get him an ironic T-shirt. Or you could make him the best pair of socks known to man.

As part of Netflix’s Make It program, the service has created a pair of socks that will pause whatever is it you’re watching when you fall asleep. I can barely figure out how to work a microwave, yet these socks are capable of figuring out when I’m snoozing.

Netflix has shared instructions for anyone who wants to embark on this weird sock streaming journey. The detection system is apparently based on something called actigraphy, which uses an accelerometer to detect when you’ve stopped moving. If the socks decide that you’re conked out, it’ll send a signal to your TV and pause Netflix.

Oh, and don’t worry, Netflix says this method is so adept at detecting motion that it’ll know the difference between sleep and sitting still, which means your show won’t accidentally pause. There are ways to increase accuracy, too, but Netflix says it’s not ready to divulge those secrets just yet.

You’ll need some knitting knowledge (or you can just use regular socks) and experience with electronics in order to get this project up and running. But once you’ve mastered those skills, it should all be pretty straightforward with the help of Netflix’s guide at the source link below. With the holiday break coming up, this might be a fun project to undertake. And if building motion-sensing socks isn’t your thing, Netflix is asking for ideas for the “ultimate Netflix experience.”

Not only will uncle Allen be impressed by his new magical socks, but it’ll come with extra love because you actually made them. What a world we live in.


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