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Want a PlayStation 2 game on PlayStation 4? Sony is listening on #PS2PS4

by Ron Duwell | December 16, 2015December 16, 2015 9:30 am PDT

We all have a PlayStation 2 game we most want to see appear on the PlayStation 4, but the question nowadays is not what game you want, but rather, how you can let Sony know you want that game. In a similar fashion the Microsoft poll for backwards compatibility, Sony is taking suggestions through social media, asking users to submit their opinions via #PS2PS4.

Sony’s Dave Thach got the ball rolling on this campaign, and he will be monitoring most of the suggestions.

As you can imagine, the requests are of a wide variety and include all kinds of games. That just shows the kind of influence the PlayStation 2 had on its generation and explains why it’s the best selling console of all time. Everything from Suikoden and God Hand to SOCOM and Burnout 3: Takedown is fair game in this poll.

Heck, I’m even sure there are some weirdos out there looking to recommend Stretch Panic. Do yourself a favor and don’t Google it.

When filling out your 140 characters, be sure to say something about Dark Cloud 2 and Final Fantasy XII while you are at it. That would be just swell.

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