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Tales of Berseria trailer, confirmed for 2016 launch in Japan

by Ron Duwell | December 15, 2015December 15, 2015 7:30 pm PST

Oh yeah, a Tales game. I was playing Tales of Zestiria for a while, wasn’t I? I was having a bit of fun, and then Fallout 4 happened… then Undertale and Xenoblade Chronicles X… and Yo-kai Watch… and SteamWorld Heist. I swear, I haven’t given up, but it picked a really challenging time to come out.

No doubt, Bandai Namco is going to squeeze this next one into Tales’ usually crowded autumn launch window. It’s already been confirmed that Tales of Berseria will be released in Japan in 2016, as if there was any doubt for the now annual franchise, and we’ll probably be looking at that mid-October window once again in North America in 2016.

During the franchise’s 20th anniversary stream this weekend, Bandai Namco announced new information regarding the latest in the series, confirming a new character and spilling some details about the battle system.

Theme: Emotion and Reason

The theme of Tales of Berseria is emotion and reason. The game depicts the clash of emotion and reason following the protagonist Velvet, who has strong emotions, as she comes into conflict with characters who have forsaken emotion and only use reason. Particularly, the power that dwells in Velvet’s left hand as seen in today’s trailer does not only hold the key to the story, but can also be thought of as an element symbolizing Velvet’s fury.

New Character: Lyfesette

Designed by Minoru Iwamoto and voiced by Azumi Asakura, Lyfesette is a young boy who supports Velvet. While Velvet was created in the image of of a shadow, Lyfesette was created in the image of light and will play a very important role in the story.

Linear Motion Battle System Evolved

The familiar Linear Motion Battle system of the Tales of series further evolves in Tales of Berseria.


  • Free run-based character control
  • Free camera control
  • Artes assigned to the four face buttons (Circle, X< Triangle, Square)

Tales of Berseria will be released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2016.


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