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Noby Noby Girl has officially reached the sun in Noby Noby Boy

by Joey Davidson | December 15, 2015December 15, 2015 8:30 pm PDT

You know, I imagine the headline to this story is probably ridiculously silly to those among us who have never heard of Noby Noby Boy. It’s a string of nonsensical words, connected by a phrase most understand. Something has reached the sun, should you be impressed?

Yes! You should!

Noby Noby Boy is a PlayStation 3 game that released way back in February of 2009. It was developed as sort of an interactive, virtual playground by Keita Takahashi. Takahashi, of course, is the creator of Katamari Damacy and the upcoming Wattam for PS4.

Players stretch Noby Noby Boy about levels based on planets, and that stretching can be added to a cumulative, worldwide total by checking in with the game. Every player’s Boy length gets transferred to Girl. Girl, using that extra distance and special multipliers, stretches out in the Solar System, connecting planets. She only recently reached Pluto more than six years after launch, and now she’s hit the sun.

The sun marks the end of Noby Noby Girl’s journey and this game. Players were greeted with a letter, which you can see in full here.


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