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Mega Man X8 confirmed for a release on PlayStation 4

by Ron Duwell | December 15, 2015December 15, 2015 3:30 pm PST

Mega Man X8

Rockman Corner “unofficially” polled its reader base on which PlayStation 2 Mega Man game it would most like to see released on the PlayStation 4 first, and the “unofficial” results are in. Mega Man X8 has launched today for the PlayStation 4 in Japan.

As for availability outside of Japan and in North America more specifically, Rockman Corner couldn’t provide any specific details, but it did say with authority that, “I guarantee you it will happen at some point. Stay tuned!”

Just a friendly reminder that this is a Mega Man fansite, and it is not officially connected to Capcom in any way. There’s just a whole lot of elbow nudging and wink winks going on here.

I mentioned before that I haven’t played any of the three PlayStation 2 Mega Man games since I wasn’t overly fond of the franchise in those days. I’m shocked to find that Mega Man X8 has such a large and vocal following, so hopefully Capcom follows up on this little blip of insight and I can go back and fix that oversight on my part.

For the record, I would still have preferred Mega Man Legends 2 on the PlayStation 3. I’m sure Capcom gets that a lot, though.

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