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Star Ocean 5’s 20 minutes of gameplay remind me why JRPGs will be so awesome in 2016

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is one of the main highlights of 2016’s historic JRPG line-up, and it has me pumped to play like a 13-year-old boy all over again. tri-Ace’s latest comes off like the company’s previous missteps with the franchise never happened. Not since the days of the PlayStation 2 have I been so thrilled to be a fan.

The most recent 20 minutes of gameplay show off two of the main elements that make up every Star Ocean game. First, there is the high-octane battle system, which blends the classic menu driven style of Final Fantasy with a more action-oriented approach. tri-Ace has always been known to make its combat as impenetrable as possible, so don’t let the video trick you into thinking this is a hack ‘n slash title.

That’s only going to get you killed in this unforgiving JRPG.

And as for the other major element, this trailer introduces us to “private actions.” In all Star Ocean games, you have the opportunity to enter towns as either an entire team or as individuals. During a private action, you’ll take control of the lead character and interact with other party members like they were NPCs in town. Doing this will open up relationships and will greatly effect the ending of your game depending on how much of a bond you share with certain characters.

tri-Ace also confirms in the footage that several tunes from its popular Valkyrie Profile series will be included in the game’s custom soundtrack. These bits include:

Valkyrie Profile:

  • “The Unfinished Battle with God Syndrome”
  • “Hard Chain Reaction”
  • “Confidence in the Domination”


Valkyrie Profile 2: Simeria

  • A motion of Finishing Blow”
  • “Celestial Troupe”
  • “Never Surrender”

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness launches in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and 4 on March 31. The North American version has been confirmed for a release, but only for the PlayStation 4 and on an unknown date. We’ll let you know when we know. I’m all over this title as one of my biggest games of 2016.


Ron Duwell

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