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Google Inbox update lets users easily share trip itinerary

by Brandon Russell | December 14, 2015December 14, 2015 4:15 pm PDT


Just in time for the holidays, Google has released an Inbox update that makes sharing travel itinerary super easy.

As you can see in the GIF below, the new feature is directly related to the Trip Bundle, which collects all of your upcoming trips and beautifully displays them in a convenient bundle. Now you can share that info with friends and family, meaning you don’t have to continually remind them when your flight arrives or leaves.

You can add emails to a trip using the “Move to” menu, and you can even view trips offline, which is great if you’re traveling on a plane and need to check on something real quick. The new features are designed to keep you as organized as possible, and also keep others in the loop, too.

The final new feature improves mobile attachments, giving users quick access to their recent photos; you can also attach multiple photos at once, which is great if you want to share images from your recent family get-together. (As an alternative, you can make a shared album on Google Photos, which was released last week.)

The new Inbox features will roll out to both Android and iOS later this week.



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