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Just Cause 3 sports an iconic Final Fantasy VII Easter Egg

Sick of Final Fantasy VII news this week? Good! I didn’t think so!

The best part of Just Cause 3 being published by Square Enix is that Avalanche Studios is allowed to cram in Easter Eggs from its other franchises. This is a natural fit for Tomb Raider and the other “Eidos” games, but when you take into account that Final Fantasy falls under the same umbrella… well. Magic things start to happen.

This YouTube video from Arekkz Gaming explains how gamers can find one of Final Fantasy’s most iconic weapons, Cloud Strife’s buster sword. The massive blade has been a vital part of Square Enix’s marketing over the last 20 years, and it is the first image which comes to mind when fans think of Final Fantasy VII.

Rico can stumble across the relic stuck in the side of a snowy mountain at the coordinates in the video. Sadly, Rico can’t use the sword. Just Cause 3 is a little too realistic for a simple man to use such a heavy and unwieldy weapon. Gosh, you kids and your fantasy.

Nice touch, Avalanche. Now, let’s go find the Dragon Quest Easter Eggs.

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Ron Duwell

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