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OnePlus 3 concept designs and fishy rumors start to surface

by Jacob Kleinman | December 9, 2015December 9, 2015 7:00 am PST

2015 was a big year for OnePlus. The Chinese company released two new smartphones and ditched that pesky invitation system. So what’s coming in 2016? We’re not so sure, though the rumor mill is already picking up speed.

A fishy new report out of China claims the upcoming OnePlus 3 could pack a Snapdragon 820 and a 1080p display. The rumor comes from Upleaks, who’s been a good source of information in the past. However, the tipster notes that these specs come second hand from a friend and may not be true, which isn’t a very strong endorsement.

Nonetheless, the rumor sparked several new concept designs for the OnePlus 3. The images are pretty basic, but they appear to take some inspiration from the OnePlus X. We really like that phone’s design, and the idea of a more powerful handset with a similar look sounds great.

This is all just speculation for now though, and it could be a while before OnePlus has anything new to announce. The company typically unveils its new flagship phone in the middle of the year, which means we could be waiting a while for the OnePlus 3. Then again, this Chinese upstart clearly isn’t afraid to shake things up, so it’s possible we might see a new device a lot sooner.

Upleaks (Weibo) Mobile-Dad

Jacob Kleinman

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