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System Shock 3 confirmed for development, revealed on website

by Ron Duwell | December 8, 2015December 8, 2015 2:30 pm PDT

System Shock 3

The countdown for System Shock 3 has slipped up and made its reveal a little bit early. Otherside Entertainment has confirmed on its website that it will be developing the revival of the cult-classic first-person shooter franchise.

System Shock 3 is real, and you’ll be hearing about it in a more official capacity in roughly five days. Currently, all that is available on the website is the countdown close and the letters “SS.” I wonder what those stand for!?

For most modern gamers, myself included since I didn’t play games on a PC back in 1999, the System Shock franchise is best known for inspiring the revolutionary shooter, BioShock. It climbed back into the limelight after BioShock became an overnight hit and has finally reestablished its legacy as a pair incredibly influential games.

Currently, the IP is owned by Night Dive Studios, and it has done its best to remaster the first two games for modern audiences. Both remasters have been backed by and have garnered universal praise. System Shock 3 developer Otherside Entertainment is an outside body and an entirely new name to me, so I can’t speak for the quality of games it can make.

What we can be certain of though is that it has some awfully big shoes to fill. Best of luck!

We’ll find out all there is to know about System Shock 3 in just five days. Stay tuned until then.

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