Learn to tame databases with the Essential Data Mastery Bundle — 97% off

by TechnoBuffalo | December 8, 2015


From designers creating infographics to entrepreneurs seeking insights, data plays a vital role in everything we do. The Essential Data Mastery Bundle is a seven-course primer on the subject, available at $39 for a limited time.

Several of the included video courses focus on SQL databases, showing you how to design efficient MySQL and PostgreSQL setups, and manipulate data across multiple systems. With the basics in place, you can start to learn about queries and tables. The tuition is beginner friendly, but you should be comfortable setting up builds by the end of each course. On the NoSQL side, the track on MongoDB teaches you via a series of project databases, and you can start digging into big data with the course on MapReduce and Hadoop. Finally, you can also learn how to collect data from a number of different sources, using screenshots, OCR, and spreadsheets to organize what you find.

You get lifetime access to all 36 hours of content, and the bundle takes 94% off the original price for the courses.