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HTC “Perfume” flagship Android 6.1 smartphone rumored

by Jacob Kleinman | December 8, 2015December 8, 2015 8:00 am PDT

HTC‘s next flagship phone could be a breath of fresh air. A new rumor claims the device will be called the Perfume, adding that it will ship running some pretty cutting-edge software out of the box.

Google hasn’t even announced Android 6.1 yet, so it could be a while before the HTC Perfume actually launches. As for Sense 8.0, that’s still a mystery as well. We’re not really sure what to expect from the next version of HTC’s UI, though a fresh design and new apps are both possible.

Beyond this we still don’t know much about HTC’s next flagship phone. Earlier rumors hinted that the upcoming “O2” would include 4GB of RAM and a hefty 3,500mAh battery. However it sounds like that device has been scrapped entirely, suggesting the company may be heading back to the drawing board to design the Perfume.

Some sort of metal design is probably a safe bet though, and we do expect solid specs. It’s unclear if HTC’s new phone will focus on power or price, though hopefully the company can find a sweet spot that doesn’t sacrifice in either category.

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