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Western Digital First to Ship 10TB Helium HDD

by Maximum PC | December 5, 2015December 5, 2015 6:00 am PDT

Western Digital 10TB Helium HDD-1

It’s not for home consumers

Western Digital is in full gloat mode at having been the first to start shipping a 10TB perpendicular magnetic recording (PRM) hard drive. It’s the HGST Ultrastar He10 and the first 10TB drop-in ready HDD available.

In addition to the providing the highest capacity from a single drive, it also boasts the lowest power consumption per terabyte and the highest reliability rating for all HDDs on the market, WD says.

To put some numbers next to WD’s claim, compared to 8TB air drives, the HGST Ultrastar He10 offers 25 percent more capacity, is 56 percent more power efficient, and 25 percent more reliable

“Our HelioSeal platform has defied next-generation expectations around capacity, reliability and power in HDDs,” said Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing, HGST. “We were the first to recognize the benefits of Helium and have pushed the boundaries while others are scrambling to catch up. The Ultrastar He10 represents the third generation of our HelioSeal line. It redefines enterprise capacity HDDs, showing the industry where storage devices need to go, to stay in front of the future that data growth is hurtling towards.”

The new drive is available in both SATA and SAS models. It’s a 7,200 RPM drive with a beefy 256MB data buffer. Other specs include a 4.16ms latency, ms read seek, 8.6ms write seek, and a 225MB/s sustained transfer rate.

Good stuff, though these drives aren’t being marketed at home consumers. WD is targeting enterprise customers, including Netflix, which already uses the company’s HGST HelioSeal drives in its data centers.

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