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Android finally getting new emojis, but only for a few lucky smartphones

by Jacob Kleinman | December 5, 2015December 5, 2015 2:00 pm PDT

iOS 9.1 Beta-1

Android fans have been clamoring for new emoji ever since Apple rolled out a fresh batch back in October with iOS 9.1. Now Google says it’s finally ready release its own update, though only for Nexus devices to start.

According to Android chief Hiroshi Lockheimer, the emoji are set to arrive next week. Google is releasing a totally new keyboard through a system update with a new font, new code and a new system image. Lockheimer also shared a few of the new cartoon images on Twitter, showing off what the unicorn, lion and crab emoji will look like on your Android phone. Other additions include a burrito, a taco, and a middle finger.

If you’re using a non-Nexus device, you’ll have to wait at least a little longer for your update. Lockheimer notes that the new keyboard is ready to go, but it’s up to individual phone-makers to push it out based on their own schedules. If you bought your device through a carrier, it could take even longer because of extra testing.

As for Nexus owners, the update should hit next week. It sounds like the new keyboard won’t be the only improvement either, though Lockheimer says he doesn’t want to give everything away just yet.

Jacob Kleinman

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