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Psychonauts 2 announced by DoubleFine, will be crowdfunded

by Ron Duwell | December 4, 2015December 4, 2015 6:00 am PDT

It’s hard to believe that Psychonauts is ten years old, but that’s just a fact of life you can’t change. It’s also hard to believe that the beloved platformer took 10 years to get a sequel, which is not just fact but also the downright villainy of a rough and tumble video game industry.

Thanks to DoubleFine though, our dreams are coming true. Ten years after it first launched, Psychonauts has a chance to make it back on the gaming scene thanks to crowd-funding and DoubleFine’s unmatched ability to rile the troops. The development team is looking for a towering $3.3 million to fund a sequel, but rather than Kickstarter, it will be using its former COO’s own crowd-funding venture, Fig, which will allow backers to become actual “investors” rather than simply “pledgers.”

Meaning you make an actual investment in the game!

Just as Indivisible wraps itself up, this is the next big crowdfunding push that everyone in the gaming community should throw their support behind. I’m into it! 34 days remain, and DoubleFine has $303,000 just hours after the campaign launched.  Check out the campaign, and just like Shenmue III and the other lost would-be sequels of our generation, make this happen!

Also be sure to check out Eurogamer and Polygon, which have fabulous write-ups on all of Director Tim Schafer’s dreams and aspirations for this long overdue sequel.

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