Pay what you want for a 10-course JavaScript education

by TechnoBuffalo | December 4, 2015

JavaScript Development Bundle

The web is built on foundations made of JavaScript, so this language is a good place to start your coding career. TechnoBuffalo Deals is currently letting you pay what you want for ten great courses.

Delivered through video lessons, these courses teach JavaScript and JQuery from the start, with tuition on arrays, loops, and variables. You hone your skills with hands-on tasks, and as you progress, you learn how to use your newly acquired skills in real-world projects. You can then switch your focus to specialist skills and popular frameworks, such as server-side JavaScript with NodeJS, 3D programming with WebGL and Babylon.js, and website development via Express.js, MeteorJS and AngularJS. To help you further broaden your knowledge, there are also two courses on building NoSQL databases. In total, it is $878 worth of JavaScript coaching, with lifetime access to all the content.

To take advantage of the deal, simply pay what you want for two of the courses, beating the average price paid in order to unlock the full bundle.