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Shadow Complex Remastered rated for PC in Europe

by Ron Duwell | December 3, 2015December 3, 2015 8:30 pm PDT

Shadow Complex

[UPDATE: Shadow Complex Remastered was officially announced for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 at the 2015 Game Awards show by developer Chair. While the console versions are set to come out early next year, the game is available for free on PC right now on the Shadow Complex website.]

Do you remember the Xbox 360’s Shadow Complex? I certainly do! This was the game that was supposed to replace Super Metroid as the definitive entry in the “metroidvania” genre. I know that because marketing told me so and did its darndest to bring the term into the mainstream.

I played it once, thought it was fun, and never looked back. So much for tearing down a legend. That being said though, Shadow Complex took the necessary steps to at least reside in the shadow in the Super Metroid’s legacy, and it is due for a second chance. That’s why we have a remastered PC version in the works, apparently.

Thanks to the European ratings board PEGI, we know that Shadow Complex Remastered is in development at Epic Games. Original developer Chair Entertainment does not seem to be involved. Keep in mind, nothing is confirmed yet, and several of these recent “ratings leaks” have not exactly panned out. Treat this as a rumor for now.

The only big question is what purpose would Shadow Complex Remastered serve nowadays? When it first released in 2009, smaller indie games were just starting to take off, and outside of Metroid and Castlevania, not many high-profile”metroidvanias” existed. That was the game’s selling point. Filling in that gap. Nowadays, every indie developer has been gold-rushing to claim their stake in the genre, with efforts that range from excellent to terrible, and it’s a very crowded market.

I can tell you one thing. Its dorky “Nathan Drake cardboard cutout ” protagonist isn’t going to hold up six years later, that’s for sure. What was his name again?

Does Shadow Complex Remastered have the nostalgia value to stand out like true classics of the genre, or will it be lost to 2016’s revolutionary newcomers like Timespinner or Heart Forth, Alicia? The genre has come so far since 2009, and it’s not far enough back to spawn those happy memories.

Gotta admit though, this trailer is pretty dope.

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