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Severed is a raunchy follow-up to Guacamelee, all about amputation and dismemberment

by Ron Duwell | December 3, 2015December 3, 2015 6:30 pm PDT

DrinkBox Studios is back with more information on its mysterious dungeon crawler, Severed. Originally, many expected it to be released for tablets and smartphones if I remember correctly, but DrinkBox has defied expectations by confirming it as a PlayStation Vita exclusive, probably the last of its kind in that regard.

I mean, what indie studio makes Vita exclusives anymore?

At its core, Severed borrows heavily from the recent upsurge in first-person dungeon crawlers. Think Legend of Grimrock or Etrian Odyssey and all of its cookie-cutter rip-offs you see on the Vita, and you’ll have a decent idea of what I mean. Severed brings not one, but three excellent new ideas to the genre though, making it a highly original game worth looking into.

For one, DrinkBox Studios revives the colorful art style that helped define its previous hit, Guacamelee, and just goes insane with it. Look at these screenshots and tell me if you’ve ever seen anything like it, other than in your nightmares. To say Severed has an original look would be an understatement.

Second, it brings a unique battle system into the genre with touch control mechanics. This is where many thought it would serve best on tablets, but DrinkBox is currently in “No Comment” mode about that possibility. I won’t rule it out because permanent PS Vita exclusivity is a death sentence for sales figures. My guess is that it is a timed-exclusive, and these touch controls will make an easy transition to Android and iOS sooner or later.

Lastly, this game is all about dismembering your enemies’ body parts and using them as armor and weapons. One more time… this game is all about dismembering your enemies’ body parts and using them as armor and weapons. I mean… eww. That’s a neat mechanic and all, but… eww.

Severed’s trailer looks fabulous, and I can’t wait to see if DrinkBox can rise to the upper echelons of the indie scene once again. No release date has been cemented yet, but you can check out Severed at PlayStation Experience next week if you attend.

Ron Duwell

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