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Shadow Jago coming to Killer Instinct thanks to fan participation

by Ron Duwell | December 2, 2015December 2, 2015 7:30 pm PDT

Iron Galaxy asked, and the fans responded. The Killer Instinct developer and Microsoft combined their efforts to raise money for future tournaments through the Community Fund Bundle, and the $100,000 goal was reached after just three days. What do fans get in return? A new character!

Shadow Jago has been confirmed for release on Dec. 18 and can be purchased until Jan. 15. Those who contributed to the Community Fund Bundle will be able to use him early from Dec. 4, and he looks like an absolute brute.

Shadow Jago is not a character from the original Killer Instinct, but rather, he is an Omen-possessed version of the series’ everyman fighter, Jago. I get the feeling that this is just as much of a great new character as it is a jab at Street Fighter’s Ryu, who often finds himself possessed with evil forms as well.

Oh, Iron Galaxy. You’re so cheeky, sometimes.

Keep an eye out for Shadow Jago when he launches through the Xbox One. No promises have been made that he will be available for purchase again after the Jan. 15 deadline, so you’ll have to snag him up quickly. Don’t miss this chance.

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