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Heart Forth, Alicia’s huge update closes out 2015, delayed into second half of 2016

by Ron Duwell | December 2, 2015December 2, 2015 4:30 pm PST

We’re big fans of Alonso Martin’s gorgeous “metroidvania,” Heart Forth, Alicia, and we haven’t even played it yet! Just one glimpse at the screenshots is all you need to know about why we’re so in love with this project.

Disclaimer: I’m a backer and proud of it!

As with most Kickstarter games though, Heart Forth, Alicia has been plagued with delays but never in the sense that the project has been bailed on or thrown into the air in defeat. In fact, along with the updated release date, which pushes the game from Q1 2016 into the second half of the year, Martin and his team have prepared a monstrous Kickstarter update which shows all of the progress that it has made in 2015.

Heart Forth, Alicia

The most noticeable of these updates is the aspect ratio, which has been overhauled to fit modern standards. Entire sections that were originally designed by Martin himself have been revamped by the entire team, and they do a much better job getting the action across.

Your generosity has given us an opportunity not many indie game developers get, so our first priority is to release an experience that will be memorable and worth your wait. Unlike as within the game itself, we won’t get a second chance to get things right, so we’re striving to produce something that we’re satisfied with and are proud of.

We absolutely understand that delays might lead to disappointment over not being able to play the game earlier, but it’s worth remembering that every change the game has gone through, from its humble scope of the pre-Kickstarter days up to this day, has been to make sure the final game’s quality remains uncompromised.

The Kickstarter update covers a lot of material, so be sure to check it out. Martin’s descriptions and images do more than enough to paint Heart Forth, Alicia as one of the premiere indie titles heading into 2016. I can’t wait to finally play it, and I hope you all give it a shot as well.

Heart Forth, Alicia is set to be released for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PC, and Wii U. I wonder if the NX will be on everyone’s mind by the time its release rolls around…


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