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Apple highlights power and Hey Siri in new iPhone 6s ads

by Killian Bell | December 2, 2015December 2, 2015 4:08 am PST

Apple has rolled out another pair of TV ads for iPhone 6s, focusing on its performance prowess and the always-on Hey Siri function. The ads feature Jon Favreau and Penelope Cruz, who use Apple’s latest smartphone to enjoy a home-made movie and find information.

The “Ridiculously Powerful” ad seen below highlights the power packed into iPhone 6s, which allows it to perform all kinds of tasks, like acting as a speedometer, browsing the web with 3D Touch and the new Peek and Pop gestures, paying for goods with Apple Pay, and more.

This ad also features Jon Favreau, who uses the iPhone 6s to enjoy a movie created by students on another iPhone 6s.

The “Hey Siri” ad below demonstrates Apple’s virtual assistant, which is always-on on iPhone 6s, allowing users to simply speak the “Hey Siri” command to get its attention — rather than holding down the home button.

This ad features Penelope Cruz, who uses Hey Siri to find out who the Prime Minister of Britain was in 1868.

Apple has rolled out a growing collection of iPhone 6s ads since the device made its debut back in September, and it’s likely we’ll see a few more ahead of Christmas as Apple looks to push holiday sales. So far, the ads have featured Selena Gomez, Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, and others.


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