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Just Cause 3 on PC littered with launch-day bugs, devs on it

by Joey Davidson | December 1, 2015December 1, 2015 6:49 am PDT

Just Cause 3 has released! Hooray! The PC version is littered with bugs that cause severe framerate stutters and render failures even on high-end gaming rigs with contemporary cards and software. Boo!

VG247 was the first official site to compile the report, as far as I can tell. However, a quick glance at user reviews on Steam indicates that folks running Intel i5s and i7s alongside GeForce GTX 970s (a rather beastly combination) are suffering through ridiculously unplayable framerates.

This comes fromĀ Kotaku‘s review of the PC version, in which they noted the issues while running an i7 and GeForce GTX 970.

The sort of good news? Square Enix, Avalanche and hardware manufacturers AMD and Nvidia are aware. They recommend that users stay up to date with drivers, and that they’ll be releasing updates in the coming days and weeks in order to make the game work like it should.

Hopefully, we don’t have anotherĀ Arkham Knight situation on our hands.


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