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Batman v Superman: New clip sees Superman unmask Batman

by Brandon Russell | December 1, 2015December 1, 2015 2:30 pm PST

During last night’s mid-season finale of Gotham, Warner Bros. provided a new sneak peak of Batman v Superman, and it’s quite strange. In it, we find Batman handcuffed in some kind of desert bunker, with a number of other soldier-types similarly bound by his side. Superman descends into the bunker, and the guards lining the hallway bow down as if he’s some sort of deity—a God among men.

We then see Superman angrily approach Batman, grab hold of his mask, and reveal him to be Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck)—and that’s when the scene ends, just before we get any sort of explanation as to what’s actually going on. Weird, right? Despite its ambiguity, it’s pretty easy to infer the message director Zack Snyder is trying to get across: Superman is being cast as the villain.

My crazy theory is that what we see in the scene above isn’t actually happening. Instead, it’s a nightmare, and Batman being restrained represents his emotional state. He’s helpless to stop Superman as Bruce Wayne, but what if he also fails as Batman, too? What then? What will Superman do in that position of power?

One thing is for sure: Snyder really wants us to believe Superman is evil—at least from Batman’s perspective. This anger will likely drive Batman throughout the movie, though the two will likely come to some kind of understanding in the end.

The footage above is actually just a small snippet of a longer trailer set to drop during Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wednesday, so expect a full writeup once it hits. Until then, what do you think is going on in the clip above?


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