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RIF6 Cube pocket projector gets a Cyber Monday discount

by Jacob Kleinman | November 30, 2015November 30, 2015 12:30 pm PDT

Shopping for a portable projector? RIF6 is offering up Cyber Monday deals on the Cube, its powerful pocket-sized projector, when you order from the company’s website or on Amazon.

If you order the Cube from RIF6’s website, you’ll save $70, dropping the price to $229 from $299 with free shipping. The discount is just $50 on Amazon.

I’ve seen the Cube in action and it works pretty well. It’s also extremely light. The one drawback is that it only packs 50 lumens of brightness, which means you’ll want to use it in very dark room. By comparison, the ~$400 Dell projector I currently use at home packs 300 lumens and, while it works when there’s some light in the room, it looks a lot better with the windows covered and the lights off.

Other specs include a 90-minute rechargeable battery, ports for microSD; HDMI and MHL, and a knob for controlling the focus. The bulb should last through 20,000 hours of use, and the projected image can be as large as 120 inches across with a WVGA resolution. It also comes with a tripod, a remote control, a charger and cords for connecting the Cube to your phone or computer.

If you’re interested, hit the source links below to take advantage of RIF6’s Cyber Monday deals before it’s too late.

Amazon RIF6

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