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Demon’s Souls being teased by the Bloodborne Twitter account

by Ron Duwell | November 30, 2015November 30, 2015 4:30 pm PST

How’s this for some hot, juicy rumors from From Software? The developer of Dark Souls and Bloodborne earned its recent fame originally with a little gem called Demon’s Souls that tore up the critical charts in both Japan and North America. Sony helped develop, Atlus helped localize, and few actually played it because it was limited to the expensive PlayStation 3.

Back before Souls was a household name. Back before its marketing strategy sold it as the hardest game around. Back before it even had a marketing strategy at all, really.

Then we never saw another Demon’s Souls because Bandai Namco jumped in with a huge check and said, “Hey guys! Change that ‘Demon’s” into ‘Dark’ and we’re in business.” And then Sony showed up with an even bigger check and was all like “Hey, From Software! How about dropping the title altogether and calling next game Bloodborne. Then we’ll be back in business again!”

Yeah, it’s a complicated history with a lot of jumps from publisher to publisher, but the point is that Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne are both Sony products, and they are both being teased over at the official Bloodborne Twitter page. And wouldn’t you know it? PlayStation Experience is next week as well!

Very interesting, indeed. Will we be seeing a Demon’s Souls remaster on the PlayStation 4? That would be rather nice since it is still my favorite in the over-arching Souls series. I prefer it to Dark Souls and Bloodborne because of its level layout and much tighter pacing. I prefer more compact action games to sprawling RPGs these days, and Demon’s Souls is much easier to cram in small bursts.

Not only that, but a remaster would also give plenty of would-be fans a chance to finally play it as well. It’s easy enough to find on sale through the PlayStation 3, but not all of the Dark Souls fans who played on an Xbox 360 ever got the chance. How many will go back and see where it all started, do you think?

We’ll find out next week to see what Sony has in mind. Go ahead! Speculate away!

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